About AmVet Pest Control

The name’s Gus, and I’m the perfect guy for your pest problems. As a veteran, I know what it’s like to have to fight it out with an enemy and come out the victor. So if you have a pest problem, give Gus a call. Whatever it is that has invaded your home, I’ll get rid of them for you. You can trust me to get the job done. Here’s how I plan to eliminate your pest problem. There’s no guessing when you’re working with me.

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Knowing the Pest

I get the job done, and clear your home of these invaders because I know how to win a fight. The number one rule in a battle, regardless of who or what you’re dealing with is to know your enemy. Now, other exterminators might be lacking in this area. I’m not saying others have no clue, I’m saying they might not have as much intel on your pests as I do.

That’s a bold claim right? You betcha it’s a bold claim. But I back up that claim with results. Now as exterminators, we all have the book knowledge of what we’re dealing with. But that’s where the similarities between them and me ends. I don’t just take what the books tell me. That’s because I know from lots of experience that it takes more than just knowing what the books say to beat these guys.

You see, before I do anything else, I’ll come out, and take the time and the effort to thoroughly observe your pest problem. I’ll figure out exactly what you’re dealing with. I’ll monitor them first and learn everything about them.  I’ll figure out their specific behaviors, and I’ll take my time to learn what might be the best way to deal with them. That way, we don’t have to keep running around in circles trying to guess why things didn’t turn out so well.

Taking the time to know your pest problem thoroughly will allow me to move on to the next phase; crafting a carefully planned solution to your problem.

Plan the Solution

After I have gathered enough intel and know your pest problem thoroughly, I will then take them into consideration and determine which solutions will work the best. Once I have determined the best solutions, I will write out the plan to control and eventually eradicate their numbers from your home. Of course, you won’t be left out of this critical step. I communicate my opinions and recommendations with you and listen to your concerns and your needs.

I understand that you may have specific needs, preferences, and/or concerns that needs to be taken into consideration. Your well-being, your home’s well-being and the well-being of all you love that dwells into your home are important to me. I won’t steer you wrong just to make things easy on me. If a might tougher to implement plan will work in your best interest, you can be sure that that is what I’ll choose.

Execute the Plan

Once we have agreed on and established a plan, I will then proceed to execute the next phase and start executing our plans. Whether we decide on a quick and effective plan that utilizes fast acting chemicals, and a slower, still effective, but less effective solution, I’ll execute the plan with precision to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Observe, Plan, and React

When executing a pest control plan, sometimes things go smoothly and as planned. Sometimes, things don’t go so well. It’s just the nature of this line of work, but that won’t be a problem. I always use careful observation when executing the plan to make sure everything is ok. Anything hiccup is always communicated with you, so you will never be left in the dark.

After executing the plan to get rid of your pest problem, I will keep a keen eye on your pest situation and react accordingly. If it seems like it’s not working as well as I’d like, I’ll discuss the matter with you. If there needs to be adjustments made, I will also discuss it with you and if we agree, I’ll make the changes.

I’ll always take the time to communicate with you because you have been living with this pest problem. You will have insight into the pests that I may not be able to see when I’m there to check things thorough. Of course, you won’t have to do any of the dirty work. That’s my job and I’ll see it through until your pest problem is eliminated.


Free Pest Control Information

I understand that you’re not made of money. You have a budget and it probably doesn’t have much room for my professional pest exterminator services. I get that, and I get that you still want to take care of your pest problem. I respect that, so even if you aren’t just in the market for my services right now, I’d still like to help. I’d like to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Perhaps you can use it to help eradicate the pest yourself, or at least use it to help manage the infestation until your budget has room to schedule a consultation with me. Just scroll to the specific pest you are dealing with below and click on one of the links listed under it.


I do my best to share as much of my experience with you as possible. But I know it’s a little lacking. I will try my best to add more information as time goes by and as time allows it. But I know you might need that information now. If you were not able to find everything that you need here, then I encourage you to check out other resources such as PestsOff. They have a load of information about getting rid of mice, as well as other pests. I would especially encourage you to read other opinions about mice traps and the like because everyone has their own opinion, so it’s good to know what other people think of certain traps before you just jump in a choose to use something.