The Best Mouse Traps That Actually Work

best mouse trapsSeeing mice in your home is not a pleasant thing. Most people are terrified of these little creatures as they are not easy to catch if you don’t have any experience doing so. However, this can easily be solved by using the best mouse traps since they make your task of getting rid of them easier and fairly inexpensive despite the number of mice you may have. There are many kinds of traps depending on what you are looking for that you will see below.

Snap Traps

Snap traps have come a long way from the traditional one that you may know of. This is not to say that they are ineffective; on the contrary, they are just as effective as poison, but you have a bit more options on the kind of snap trap that you may choose. Some of them aren’t too different from the classic that has continued to work through the years. While others are a take on the classic trap, with many improvements that made it that much more deadly to mice.

There is the traditional metallic and wooden snap traps with an area to place the bait. They are effective but just like any other traps you may need to set a couple of them. You’ll surely want to place them in places where you see a lot of their droppings because these are popular and high traffic areas. These are the classics that hasn’t changed much over the years. They worked well before, and they continue to work well today. You can find a few variations with these classic traps in the trap’s trigger. Some will use a thin metal plate for the trigger plate and others will use a larger plastic piece. I’ve found the plastic trigger plates to be most desirable because you can actually tune the sensitivity of the trap to some extent. That doesn’t mean metal triggers don’t work well, it’s just my personal preference obtained from many years of dealing with mice.

There are also plastic snap traps, they are made of strong plastic and the best part about them is that they are reusable. There is also the plastic enclosed snap trap which is preferred as it is safe to use in a home with children or pets. This kind of method simply traps the mouse in such a way that it is enclosed in the trap.

Glue Traps

For those that feel that snap traps are not very effective, you may choose to use the glue board traps. These best mouse traps are trays that contain sticky glue which is scented to attract the mouse to it then traps the mouse when it gets on. You can also find these in a glue board form; where a thin layer of glue is applied on a piece of cardboard. Often times, you can fold the board into a box to help protect it from dust, dirt and other things. All that does it make it last just a tiny bit longer.

You can also use additional baits if you find that the board hasn’t worked yet so as to entice the mouse. Just like snap traps, you should have a number of glue traps set in different areas as most trays can only occupy a single mouse. Or you can even use both snap traps and glue traps together. Placing a glue board right after a snap trap will sometimes catch the sly mouse that manages to jump over the snap trap.

Humane No-kill Mouse Traps

You don’t have always have to choose to kill mice so as to get rid of them, which is why you have the option of the trap and release method. I’m not too big a fan of them myself, but I do respect the preferences of others, so I’m mentioning them here for those who wish to consider these options instead.

These are traps that simply catch the mouse, without harming it where you can come and later on release it far away from your home. This option is quite popular apart from the fact that it may be a bit slow, but it certainly works. These traps are usually made from either steel or plastic with a place for the bait that is usually at the center of the trap. Once the mouse enters the trap and tries to get to the bait, a mechanism is triggered and the entry way is shut such that it is tightly trapped inside. As with the other kind of traps you can only get one at a time (for most of them) which is also why you should set up two or more.

If you’re preference is for no-kill methods, you may also wish to consider using some natural repellents as well. The no-kill route is a lot harder and every little bit will help your success rate.

Most of these best mouse traps methods will are fairly affordable and they are nothing but a small price to pay for the safety and well-being of you and your family. Trapping mice is an effective way of getting rid of them without having to spend a lot on a professional exterminator like myself. But we do make it well worth your money though because we take care of the dirty work for you.

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