The Best Natural Mice Repellents

Once you have managed to rid your home of mice, the greater task that most people do not acknowledge is ensuring that they stay out. This can easily be done by natural mouse repellents that come in many types. Natural repellents are preferred since the repellents will need to be in place for a long time hence they should not be harmful to pets or children. There are repellents that you can use both in and outdoors depending on where you want to put your focus. The following are some of the best harmless mice repellents that you should consider using.

Fresh cab mouse repellent

This is one of the best natural mouse repellents since it is all natural and very easy to use. It is made from 98% plant extracts which have a nice smell for you but are very offensive to mice. The pack comes in 12 mini pouches that you are supposed to be placed every 125 square feet in and out of your home. You can use them in garages, storage areas, attic, and basement and in hidden places inside your home. The scent from the pouches which keeps the mice out lasts about 3 months. The 12- pouch pack is quite affordable for the quality of repellent that you are getting.

Peppermint oil for mice

peppermint a natural mouse repellentMost people believe that the use of peppermint oil to repel mice is nothing but a myth. This is not true, the tick is about using it correctly and you will be able to keep mice out of your home. The first thing that you have to consider is that you have the correct peppermint oil which should be 100% with no additives. This can be bought from organic and health stores. If you want to effectively keep the mice away, more is better so use about five to six drops of oil per cotton ball which you will place in little containers with holes in them. This is to ensure that the oil remains fresh to repel mice. Set them up around your home in dry areas to keep the rodents out.

Ultrasonic mouse repellent

These are not natural mouse repellents but they do not use any harmful components, which mean they are safe to use around your home. They are electronic devices that produce a sound that is annoying to mice and other pests hence keeping them out. The sound produces is about 20000 Hz which is undetectable by the human ear. There are two types; the corded and plug in devices which work by being plugged into a socket. Their prices range from about $10 to $100 depending on the number of pests that it can repel. If you can find the multipack devices, then they are the best so that you can place them in different locations for best results seeing as the sound does not travel through walls.

If you have not completely rid your home of your mice problem, you may not want to use these ultrasonic repellents just yet. This is because, while they may turn mice away, they also keep them away from your traps, or your poisons that you may be using to get rid of them. You’ll just be using these to make your attempts less effective, so wait until you are sure they are gone.

Whether you have ever had a mice infestation problem before or not, using natural mouse repellents is an effective way of ensuring that your home or premise remains mice free. Check on which you like and is most likely to work best in your home and use it. Also make sure you aren’t luring them in by giving them easy access to things they love (which are often used as baits). Also, these work well, but they are not absolute. Keep an eye out for signs that they’ve returned, or look for areas that seems to have a bunch of mouse poop. These areas may indicate that the repellents aren’t working so well to reach those areas. In which case, you would apply more repellents there, or the best option is to place a trap there.

If these just won’t keep them away, it might be time to give me, a professional exterminator, a chance to show you why my services are worth it.

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