The Best Mouse Trap Baits to Catch Mice

best mouse trap baitMice are tiny yet very destructive and potentially dangerous creatures. They destroy furniture; nibble on clothes and important documents so no one can be comfortable knowing that they are sharing their home with them. There are different ways of getting rid of mice and one of them is by using mouse traps. The trick to successfully catching a mouse using a trap is to ensure that you have very good bait. The best mouse trap baits to catch mice are preferably something that the mice will find irresistible. Luckily for us, there are a good number of options and I will list them here. The following are some of the bait that you should consider using.

Peanut butter

This is one of the best mouse trap bait that people use due to its strong aroma. From my experience, this is the best bait to catch mice with. Mice have a strong sense of smell and they can sniff out the peanut butter even when they are not close by. Make sure that you use fresh peanut butter since it is more aromatic and will better attract the mice. Ensure that you check if the mice caught the bait and if not, you may want to switch to a different one.

If you have the same problem that a lot of other people do (which is the mouse keeps eating bait off trap) then peanut butter is the solution that that problem. With peanut butter, you can spread it very thin on the trap and it will still work. Actually, it will work even better if you can manage to apply a thin layer instead of a thick layer. Even though it’s a thin layer, the smell is still strong enough to attract the mice. Also, with a thin layer, the mice will really have to take a bite of the trap to get it, so they will more likely trigger the trap.


Mice love hard things that they can nibble on which makes nuts such a favorite. They also have a sweet smell that attracts the mice. However, it is easy for the mice to pick the nuts and carry them so make sure that you have placed it in such a way that it cannot be moved. This can be done by pinning it down or using strong glue.

Dog food

Dog food may not smell that great to you but it is one thing that mice like eating so much. This is why it is advisable that you keep your dog’s food safely. The strong smell of the dog food will attract the mice alerting them that there is food close by. If it is in the form of pellets, ensure that it is also pinned so that the mouse may not carry it with them.


Mice like meaty foods such as bacon which is one of the best bait for mouse traps due to its strong sweet aroma. It is best if you use cooked bacon as it makes it more aromatic and enticing to the mice that will run to get it then get trapped.

Bacon works really good and it is also one of the best bait to catch mice, but a lot of people also have trouble with it when the mouse keeps eating bait off trap. This probably is commonly caused by people who use too big of a piece. Just like peanut butter, a little goes a long way. If you use a piece of bacon that is too big, the mouse can either eat it safely form the side, or they can easily snatch it safely. When you use a smaller piece, they have to go in there and trigger the trap.


You can say that mice have a sweet tooth for fruits and other sweet foods. Raisins are the best example as they also have a sweet smell and are delicious. It is nice and soft to make it easy for the mouse to nibble on and easily get trapped.

These are just a few of the food items that can be used to get the best mouse trap bait to catch mice. However, you can use items that are not food such as shredded paper and cotton which the mice love to use as nesting material. However, it is difficult to use these on their own so you will still need any of the above food items. Check to see if the bait is working and change after a couple of change if it does not yield results. If you switch through a bunch of baits and you’re still not catching mice, you may want to reconsider the location in which you are placing these traps. Look for signs of high traffic areas. Also, make sure when you are using baits with traps, you do not use any form of mice repellent. You want to lure the mice to your bait and your trap. Don’t keep them away by making the mistake of using a repellent. If you everything fails in the end, you can also consider trying mice poison instead. Otherwise, you can always consider a professional exterminator like myself.

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