What Does Mouse Poop Look Like and How to Handle Mice Droppings

A mice infestation is one thing that no one likes. They are small creatures that are very destructive, especially when they are in large numbers. They may destroy clothes, furniture, documents and worst of all is that they spread illnesses. This can be done by the mice themselves or their tiny droppings that you are bound to notice if they are in your home. So what does mouse poop look like? They are tiny droppings that can be up to a quarter of an inch long and vary in color depending on how long they have been there or what the mouse has been feeding on. They are quite dangerous to have in the house because of reasons that will be discussed below.

Appearance, size, and color of mouse droppings

Mouse poop is not easy to identify especially if you have never had an encounter with mice before. However, if you have a large infestation in your home, they are the number one sign that you will see.They are typically oval shaped and dark to gray in color depending on how old the droppings are. Fresh poop is usually black and it is most visible. You may find quite a lot of droppings in one place spread over an area which should alert you of the infestation that you have. Pay extra attention to these areas where you do spot these mouse poop because they are critical intel to know when you’re ready to strike back, and eliminate them. These areas are areas you want to target with whatever your weapon of choice is (whether that be traps, poisons, or something else).

Always check for how much droppings you can see which should help you in determining the seriousness of your infestation.  The more droppings you see, the higher the numbers you are likely dealing with. The amount you see in each spot as well as the number of sightings throughout the home are both important signs. If you see a spot with noticeably more droppings than the others, then this is a special location you want to really keep in mind for later. This might mean their nest is nearby, or they really really like this spot for some reason. Start thinking and guessing why that particular spot is so popular. Often times, there is an obvious reason like easy access to food.

Never touch mouse poop with your bare hands as they may spread diseases to you especially if you do not clean your hands right after. Always use protective gloves and if possible, some masks. When you’re dealing with removal, make sure you seal up the droppings in bags that you can close shut. I like to use large Ziploc bags for these, but as long as there are no holes in the bag, you should be ok disposing of the droppings in any plastic bag. Now you know what does mouse poop look like. Let’s get on to the next topic, the dangers that comes with them.

Risks mice droppings have

Although mouse droppings are very small, they will cause you a lot of problems since they spread Hantavirus through the air, which causes Lymphocytic choriomeningitis. This is an illness that is airborne which makes mice droppings almost lethal. Some symptoms of the illness include high fever, loss of appetite, headache and nausea. Since this virus can be spread by air, it is not advisable that you clean them up using a vacuum cleaner or by sweeping as you may inhale some particles and get yourself infected.

How to safely clean up mouse droppings

what does mouse poop look likeIt may not seem a big deal but considering how dangerous the poop is, you need to take caution when cleaning it up. You will need a disinfectant spray, latex gloves, disposable rags or paper towels, a mask and disposable plastic bags. The following is the procedure to follow:

  • Start by airing out the room by opening the windows and doors.
  • Use the antiseptic spray to wet the area with the droppings carefully.
  • Use the rugs or paper towels to wipe off the droppings while throwing them into the plastic bags.
  • After all the droppings are cleared, spray some more antiseptic and clean the area one more time.

Always ensure that you have inspected the house for more droppings and clean them immediately. You may also want to check toys, furniture and any cracks in the house for the mice and more droppings. Knowing what does mouse poop look like will give you the knowledge you need to know to properly assess your infestation, so you can properly manage the dangers that could potentially come with handling mice droppings.

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